Outdoor Sculptures


On a summer day in 2008, a group of unconditional art-loving friends gathered on the shores of Höllviken just south of Malmö, on the beautiful coast facing Denmark, to witness an uncommon event, the unveiling of five monumental figurative bronze sculptures.

The opening of Falsterbo Open-Air Museum was the culmination of a life-long friendship between Gudmar Olovson and Swedish philanthropist Bo Hjelt.
Through the Allan and Bo Hjelt Art Foundation (www.hjeltfoundations.org), Bo Hjelt made a donation of the five statues to the city of Vellinge.

Vellinge City Council offered a unique and idyllic environment along famed road 100 and the stunningly beautiful shores of Höllviken.
The impressive sculptures can be admired with the sea as their backdrop and the Öresund bridge linking Denmark and Sweden on the horizon, alongside offshore wind farms.

The works are a three-dimensional symbolism of childhood, youth, love and the unfolding of life – they reflect Gudmar Olovson’s own views on life.


“This symbol of love and unity, “Two Trees” in bronze (240 cm), was a gift from Swedish industry to the Citizens of Paris. The major Swedish industrial holding company Investor and the Wallenberg family wished to emphasize the historical importance of the relation between France and Sweden through this donation.”

Promintely placed on the tip of the small island in the “Lac Supérieur”, this symbol of Love has become a favoured resting, rowing and contemplation place for Parisians.


On the French Riviera, “J’Aime Les Nuages” (height 210 cm) and “La Concorde” (height 155 cm) proudly stand on the sea front in downtown Cagnes-sur-Mer since 2015.