Outdoor Sculptures


On a beautiful early summer day in 2008, a large group of art-loving friends gathered on the shores of Hollviken bay, to witness what is today an uncommon event, the unveiling of five large classical bronze sculptures.
The official opening of Falsterbonäsets Open-Air Museum is the culmination of a long friendship and co-operation between classical sculptor Gudmar Olovson (born in Sweden but living and working in Paris for the past 40 years) and businessman Bo Hjelt (a Finnish born Swede living in Switzerland). For a decade, these two friends have been working on creating an open air sculpture museum, an idea born during Gudmar Olovson’s exhibition in Falsterbo in 2000.
Through the Allan and Bo Hjelt Art Foundation, Bo Hjelt committed to make a donation to Vellinge Kommun to finance the creation and placement of the statues. Excited by the prospect of an open air museum, Vellinge Kommun offered the unique and idyllic environment along the shores of Höllviken bay. In these impressive surroundings the lovely sculptures can now be admired with the sea as a backdrop and
the Öresund bridge, linking Sweden with Denmark, on the horizon.
Together, the artist and the philanthropist had realized their common dream. Bo Hjelt by doing something significant with, and for, his friend, in an area of Sweden where he has strong roots, and for Gudmar Olovson who now has a permanent exhibition which is the apotheosis of his creative career. The works are a three-dimensional symbolism of childhood, youth, love and development and mirror Gudmar Olovson’s own view on life.