It is our purpose to hereby honour the work of Gudmar Olovson and to spread further knowledge about our father's art and life.

In concert with committed friends, expert founders and artisans, family, dedicated collectors, supportive art experts and dealers, we strive to encourage the preservation, defence and portrayal of the tradition of free figurative sculpture.

Gudmar Olovson
Susanne and Magnus Olovson
Susanne Olovson and Magnus Olovson

In the footsteps of Praxiteles and Phideas, the Gothic cathedral sculptors, Michelangelo and Bernini and more recently of Rodin of course though also, Carpeaux, Giacometti, Bourdelle, Moore, Claudel, Milles, Carton, Ousouf, Cornet and so many more, the sculptures of Gudmar Olovson reflect a view of life and creation seen through the human body and its interpretation.

Referenced in France by Galerie Malaquais, Paris

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